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 CHoose your alignment!

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Shut Up and Jam

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PostSubject: CHoose your alignment!   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:41 am

Quote :

This alignment is associated with God, order and peace. In the game it is represented by the Messian religion, and the colours blue and white. The Law alignment promotes order and safety, but taken to an extreme it leads to dictatorship and elitism. The main goal of the Law factions in the game is to establish the Thousand Year Kingdom, a paradise on Earth ruled over by God. The truth is that only a select few who are judged worthy would be allowed to live in the Thousand Year Kingdom, while everyone else would be killed. Those who do live in the Thousand Year Kingdom would be subject to its strict, absolute laws.

Quote :

The alignment is associated with Lucifer, freedom and war. In the game it is represented by the Gaian religion, and the colours red and black. This alignment promotes freedom of choice, thought and action above all else in stark contrast to the controlling nature of the Law alignment. However, this freedom can lead to a vast amount of suffering and anarchy, leading the world into a primal state of unsuppressed vice and survival of the fittest. The main goal of the Chaos factions is to crush the Messian forces opposing them and attain complete and total power over Tokyo.

Quote :

Also known as "Balance", this alignment accepts the need for laws to govern the world but not at the cost of personal freedom. It rejects the concept of relying on Lawful or Chaotic powers to focus instead on personal empowerment, individuality and the inherent strength of Mankind. Although the most idealistic alignment, it is also the hardest alignment to attain because of its isolationist nature and requires the person to make enemies of both the Law and Chaos factions, destroying everything to gain everything.

Chaos. To me it is the most fitting one for someone like myself.

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Skypiea Priest

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PostSubject: Re: CHoose your alignment!   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:46 am

Lawful Neutral.

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CHoose your alignment!
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