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 Persona 4 Character Overviews

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PostSubject: Persona 4 Character Overviews   Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:11 am

Yosuke Hanamura: Yosuke is the wind user of the group. He's also one of the only healers. But his healing spells aren't as effective as Yukiko's or Teddie's. He's okay in the physical attacks department until mid-game. Where he basically sticks with one physical attack until near end-gam when he gets Brave Blade. After he gets this, he becomes a fucking beast! All around one of the better fighters.

Chie Satonaka: Chie is the beginning ice user and the physical attacker of the group. Towards the beginning of mid-game Chie will stop gaining more ice spells, and only gain attack skills. But this is good because she is a fucking beast. She gets physical power up abilities, powerful skills, and godly damage at end game. She's on of my personal favorites.

Yukiko Amagi: Yukiko is the fire user and first healer of the group. She's one of the only ones who doesn't lose her weakness after her persona is evolved. But she gains a strength against another element. Yukiko starts out pretty strong. And towards end game she is a fucking goddess. She'll have basically the best fire spells, and healing spells.

Kanji Tatsumi: Lightning user and power house of the group. Kanji starts out okay. He's got a defense boosting spell, good physical attack skills, and the second level lightning spell. The problem is his SP runs out quickly if you don''t ration it out. Towards end game Kanji's got the highest level lightning spells, godly physical attack skills, and an all-attack boost spell. The problem with his SP stands however. But his massive HP pool makes up for it.

Teddie: Ice User, Stat Booster, and second healer of the group. Teddie starts out fucking godly. With the second level all-healing spell, second level ice spell, and some ailment healing spells. Towards end game Teddie will be fucking amazing. Best healing spells, ice spells, and stat boosting spells. Sad thing is though, that he is the other character that doesn't lose his weakness when his persona evolves.

Naoto Shirogane: Queen of Random Battles of the group. Naoto starts off fucking amazingly. She has the two instant death spells at their most powerful, Megidola, and gets bossting spells for all three of them at end game. Problem is though that Naoto suffers from the fact that you will be using these spells alot because the enemies towards end game are actually weak against the death spells and the spells use a shitload of SP. Naoto is my favorite one.

My team on Easy Mode: MC, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko (Most balanced team)
My team on Normal Mode: MC, Chie, Kanji, Naoto (The least balanced team)
My team on Hard Mode: MC, Chie, Teddie, Naoto (My favorite team)

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PostSubject: Re: Persona 4 Character Overviews   Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:20 pm

i use MC chie yukiko and teddie the most

i'd use naoto since she's my fav too but FUCK the others are way more useful in boss fights :/
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Persona 4 Character Overviews
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