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 Final Boss Comparisons AKA Dante's difficulty with the Final bosses!

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PostSubject: Final Boss Comparisons AKA Dante's difficulty with the Final bosses!   Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:54 am

Mundus- Dante had a lot of trouble against Mundus. He needed the power of his father to defeat him and even then it was only enough to make Mundus weaker than before. A hell of a lot weaker though. Which is why the Jackpot in the end worked.

Argosax/ The Despair Embodied: Neither of these bosses gave Dante any trouble. This shows Dante had reached his peak especially considering he took out the Despair Embodied with a One Gun Jackpot!

Vergil: Dante immensely struggled in this battle. Especially considering earlier him and Vergil were on the same level. After Vergil obtains the Force Edge he gains an immense increase in ability wielding both the Yamato and Force Edge at once and unleashing all of his power in that fight. Dante comes out the victor. But not by much. Even though Dante was trash-talking you can tell he took his share too.

The Savior: No challenge at all. This is pretty much Dante being powerful as hell and not even showing much interest in this enemy. The only reason he's even fighting him is because he's terrorizing the city and is going to endanger demons and humans alike. That and he needs to save Nero and get the Sparda back. This battle is no challenge for Dante.

Abigail: I know it's not from the games but ti's still canon. This battle was just weird. Dante only went Devil Trigger while smoke was covering him. And you only see his eyes glow for like one second. After that he goes into human mode and just kills Abigail with no trouble at all. Considering this takes place a while before DMC4 it's not really surprising to see Dante take on this beast. Well it wouldn't be if this beast didn't happen to rival Sparda's power. So this shows Dante's transformation into one of the most powerful beings in existence.

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Final Boss Comparisons AKA Dante's difficulty with the Final bosses!
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