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 Create your own Devil!

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PostSubject: Create your own Devil!   Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:16 am

Ripped from the DMC4 Boards on GF.

Quote :
Here, you get to create your own Devils. The stats, with questions pertaining to how they are, are like this:

Name: The name of your Devil.

Gender: Is your Devil male, female, hermiditic, sexless, and/or can change genders?

Breed: What's the purity of your Devil? Is it a pure Devil, half-breed, quarter-breed, etc?

Humanity: Was your Devil once human or not? Can your Devil make him/her/itself look human? Does your Devil have a "human" heart (like loving someone. Devils that weren't human can love too. Just look at Sparda and Bradely from the anime?

Genus: Is your Devil a known Devil type (Lightbeast as in Beowulf, Time Steed as in
Geryon, Hellkeeper, Blade, Assault, Frost, Blitz, Abyss, Msira, Bael, Dagon, Secretary, etc?), is your Devil a made-up species that you have to name, or are you one of a kind (i.e. Trish, Leviathan, Mundus, Argosax, Echidna, Abigail, Alastor, Ifrit, etc?)

Genus before becoming a Devil: Was your Devil a Devil for the whole of its life, or was it something else that wasn't Devil or human before then (i.e. Fairy, Angel, God or Diety, Animal, Plant, etc.)?

Class: Is your Devil low class (most lesser enemies), mid class (Bosses), or high class (Demon Lords, Sparda, Mundus, Dante, etc.)

Shape: Is your Devil a sentitent Devil Arm (as in like Alastor, Ifrit, and Agni and Rudra. The others weren't sentinent so they don't count, even if they were once Devils), or are they Devils with actual bodies (as in like Nightmare, Beowulf, Credo, etc.)

Hair Color: What's the hair color of your Devil, or does it even have hair?

Eye Color: What's the eye color of your Devil, or does it even have eyes?

Appearence: Does your Devil have a huminoid shape, is quadapedal, has horns, tattoos, any distinguishing markings, looks human, etc.?

Outfit: What does your Demon wear (also applies to human disguise), or does it even wear clothes?

Personality: What is your Devil like (I.e., brash and arrogant, cold and malicious, honorable or dishonorable, fight clean or dirty, etc.)?

Family and allies: Who are your Devil's family members (spouses and adoptive parents included) and allies (Includes friends and lovers) and are they dead or alive?

Enemies: Who are your Devil's enemies?

Backstory: What is your Devil's history like?

Weapons: What kind of weapons do your Devil weilds (can be anything from Devil Arms, Earthly weapons, improvised weapons, natural defenses, etc.)

Devil Trigger: Does your Devil have a Devil Trigger (Describe it if it does)?

Anything Unique: Does your Devil have anything that makes him/her/it unique from the others (I.e. Nero's Devil Bringer)?

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Shut Up and Jam

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PostSubject: Re: Create your own Devil!   Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:17 am






Genus before becoming a Devil:



Hair Color:

Eye Color:




Family and allies:




Devil Trigger:

Anything Unique:

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Shut Up and Jam

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PostSubject: Re: Create your own Devil!   Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:17 am

Here's mine.

Name: Gaap

Gender: Male

Breed: Half-God Half-Devil

Humanity: He was never a human. But he does look like a human. He also has the heart of a human.

Genus: God-Devil

Genus before becoming a Devil: He used to be the Cannonite God, Baal. But then became Leader of the Four Devil Kings and President of Hell, Gaap.

Class: High Class (Devil King)

Shape: Actual Body

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Appearence: Looks purely like a human. Nothing except the eyes are remotely different.

Outfit: Black Trenchcoat, Black Fingerless Gloves, Black Sleeveless Undershirt, Black Leather Pants, Black Combat Boots.

Personality: Dante

Family and allies: Grandfather: Lucifer (The real one) Father: Beelzebub (Not the minions), Mother: Aphrodite, Brother: The Archangel Micheal, Allies: Sparda, Vergil, Dante, and Nero.

Enemies: Mundus, God, Micheal, Dante (For a while), Nero ( For a while)

Backstory: Formely the cannonite god, Baal after it was discovered he carried the blood of a devil
he was cast into Hell. After being found by his Grandfather Lucifer, he was trained by him after learning Baal was his own Grandson. He was then referred to by his Devil Name from there on out. Gaap.

Gaap eventually met Sparda and helped him in defeating the Demons who tried to conquer the Earth many years ago. After Sparda vanished he started wandering on his own again until 200 Years passed and he met Dante. The infamous Devil hunter. He challenged Dante and won. Later, he discovered his brother Micheal who had betrayed the Devil's to become on eof God's disciles and the most powerful being in Heaven besides God himself.

On his way to meet Micheal he met Nero, and defeated him as well. Dante showed up and fought Gaap to a standstill. Micheal attacked while they were both weakened. Micheal's plan was to create Babylon and use Metatron, the World's Largest Angel and the only Angel that has the power to exterminate every devil on the Earth as a weapon to exterminate all devils. Later, after awakening Metatron, Gaap, Nero, and Dante teamed up to take the giant monster down.

After Micheal was knocked out of Metatron, Gaap fought Micheal one on one and killed him. After Gaap had finally healed from the battle and was in top condition, Dante challenged Gaap to one last fight which Gaap lost. Gaap defeated wandered once more hoping to meet Dante and Nero again.

Weapons: Baal (A Black-Bladed Zanbato infused with Dark energy), Hell and Heaven (The Red Gauntlet using offensive power and the blue gauntlet using defensive power creates a powerful combination), Lucifer 2.0 (An upgraded version of the Lucifer but the blades have much more capability than the original Lucifer), Satan (A Trident that uses Black Flames), Beelzebub (A pot that releases Flies made of White Electricity that explode on contact), God and Devil (A Black Revolver and a White Revolver, God (White) has "Deus" labeled on it, and Devil (Black) has "Diavolo" labeled on it), The Seven Deadly Sins (A Rocket Launchers which launches Seven Rockets at once), The 6 Paths of Reincarnation ( 6 Pool Balls surround Gaap, and he pulls out a pull cue and hits them ad then pinball begins)

Devil Trigger: Indeed he does. He has Full Devil, and Half-God and Half-Devil.
Full Devil: Basically his appearance is like that of Dante's DMC4 Devil although with the obvious wardrobe difference.
Half-God and Half-Devil: One side of Gaap is like an angel and the other side is that of a Devil

Anything Unique: He is the Grandson of the Devil!

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PostSubject: Re: Create your own Devil!   Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:33 am

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PostSubject: Re: Create your own Devil!   

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Create your own Devil!
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