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PostSubject: Sunshine   Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:50 am

Anyone seen this? It's pretty recent (couple years ago I think), and I liked it quite a lot.

Not really a sci-fi fan, and the premise of the film is suitably ridiculous (although founded in reality, like all good sci-fi). The sun starts dying millions of years before it should, so the Earth's minerals are mined and used to build a giant nuclear bomb, which is flown to sun by a space crew, and so on. The film follows the crew of the second attempt at this, since contact with the first ship was lost as it approached the sun.

In all, I liked the film because it had some good acting, great effects, a good story, some great cinematography (seeing mercury pass in front of the sun in the observation room comes to mind), good music, and so on.

And now, spoilers.


It becomes a completely different film at that point, and not a very good one at that. Although there are still some good moments in the last part of the film (I do love Cilian Murphy trying to get to the bomb in that giant space suit), the total change in gear isn't very satisfying.

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