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 Megaton Rainfall - "a trillion times the speed of light"

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PostSubject: Megaton Rainfall - "a trillion times the speed of light"   Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:15 am

Saw a trailer for this game a looong time ago, and I jist saw that it was out. It's a first person game, VR compatible, where you play as an invincible super being battling alien invaders. You are totally invincible, but you have to prevent as much destruction and as many casualties as possible. Destroy the aliens quickly and try to blow the city up. It reminds me of EDF a bit, in that it's lego block cities getting destroyed by giant tripods. Except you're a god instead of a soldier.

So it's fun. After the tutorial was over I flew around for a bit. The higher you are the faster you fly. I tried to fly to the moon but it wouldn't let me. For a cheap game it's a fairly accurate recreation of Earth. The geography is kind of correct, and there are major cities where you would except. The opening mission happens in London, because I recognised Big Ben. But that was the only landmark I could see. The cities I saw all looked the same. Flew to Australia to see the outback but it was mostly the same sparse wood/grassland that appears to be everywhere else. Couldn't find Sydney but Melbourne was there. I tried to find the Great Wall of China but I couldn't.

Anyway each time you finish a mission you get a new power, and after mission 2, the game gave me this power: Superluminal Flight - Increases your flight speed from Mach 8 to a trillion times the speed of light. Suddenly I was flying through Saturn's rings, and walking on Mercury's surface staring at the massive sun. Visited the sun but it was uneventful.

I saw what looked like another planet, and flew off towards it. When I ended up next to a blue star I realised I had gone too far. Saw a planet nearby and landed on the dark side, in absolute pitch black darkness and silence. This game almost realised a fear a never knew I had, which is being actually lost in space. The rush of being able to explore a whole universe is great, while stopping, looking around, and thinking "Where the fuck am I?" is equally as scary. Luckily the game makes it easy to get back to Earth.

The plot is basically the defeat the aliens to recover to powerful things they have, but some of those things are also scattered across the entire universe, which is your reason to explore beyond Earth. Sometimes in space you'll see a glint of light, which will lead you to another planet in another galaxy, that basically has a collectible on it.

So far it's a fun game, and it delivers what No Man's Sky promised, a seamless procedural universe to explore (although there's no lifeforms beyond Earth).

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PostSubject: Re: Megaton Rainfall - "a trillion times the speed of light"   Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:43 pm

Holy shit this sounds awesome, i will have to get this at some point.

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Megaton Rainfall - "a trillion times the speed of light"
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