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 Vita Trophy data corrupted NP-6263-7 all solutions and fixes

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PostSubject: Vita Trophy data corrupted NP-6263-7 all solutions and fixes   Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:39 pm

Ok so I had this happen to me and wow is this a pain to fix. I thought it was best I just make a thread and list all the possible solutions. Google is useless. I'm not kidding I googled this and loads of people didn't have answers and no one reported back and what was working or not working.

The half assed solution that solves everything. You can just live with it and only view your vita trophies in playstation network mode, even if your data is corrupted this will solve your issues. This is worth doing regardless to try and get any of the last few trophies you didn't sync up on PSN as you will be losing everything in the last solution if nothing else is working. Now the real solutions.

OK first up. Do you think you know what the offending game was? If you do you can delete and reinstall this game and this can potentially fix the issue (not in my experience)

Remember to back up your saves in case you click the wrong option and decide to blame me.

Vita Safe Mode:

1. Hold Power button, R button and the playstation button.
2. Rebuid database

Some reports suggest this might work and by reports I mean people didn't seem to say anything after this was posted as a solution.

It didn't work for me. I'd suggest turning off your vita and removing the memory card and doing the next steps.

You can access a restore option from the vita setings menu (this actually didn't wipe my Vita card I was suprised to see still don't risk it, but I used both restore settings and they did nothing). The trophy issue was still there. My trophy list was still on the Vita to.

Remember have a removed memory card and you can now boot up in safe mode again and use the restore option here. This wiped my vita and my trophy list on the vita. My trophies are still on PSN, but nothing on my vita. Problem seems to be solved. I could then use my memroy card again without any issues after I activated my vita again (remember if you don't activate your vita again the system will not read your memory card at all (I literally just found that out).

Anyway happy hunting Very Happy

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Vita Trophy data corrupted NP-6263-7 all solutions and fixes
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