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 New Little King's Story

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PostSubject: New Little King's Story   Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:14 pm

Oh god this game is hilarious. You're basically a king who loses a kingdom, due to sucking at least thats what it seems like as everyone seems to think you're incompetent. Anyway you have to rebuild a kingdom from scratch, by commanding your loyal subjects to run into things. I've also noticed the worse you are at this game the funnier it is especially as you still gt fanboys and fangirls cheering loving you either way. Apparently people can hate you to, but I haven't noticed who yet and if i knew I'd execute them with my ironfisted regime etc.

Anyway its a game I think people would've overlooked but as it was free on plus i gave it a shot and I find it pretty fun. Not saying its a must buy or anything as I don't know why I find this so fun, so its a bit difficult to recommend.

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New Little King's Story
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