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 Kingdom hearts Re:Coded

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Defending the Devil

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PostSubject: Kingdom hearts Re:Coded   Fri May 06, 2011 11:45 pm

my god this game is fun. i'm not too big a fan of the KH series--like the character designs, but too angsty for my taste. this game does away with most of the angst (sans riku, who everyone points out as being too negative ad needing to cheer up).

the game takes place in jiminy's original journl--theyre trying ot restore the data from before namine erased it--problem is, heartless and bugs have made a mess of things and its your job to return the data to normal. you play as the data recreation of sora, with no memory of anything that regular sora did, so you meet the entire cast for the first time again. since the data is buggy, the game can chang the perspective occasionally (some sections of levels are in a sidescrolling platform setup, like the old mario games, while others are rail-shooters and more). the game has content after the main storyline for more play value, and all kinds of rare stuff to get and find.

the worlds available are: destiny islands, traverse town, wonderland (FUCK YES), agrabah, hollow bastion, and castle oblivion. the data-backdoor areas are very reminiscent of the TRON world as well, which is cool.

the battle style is great and the controls are smooth. you level up your stats like in 358/2, and you use skills and battle stuff like in BBS, or so ive heard.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom hearts Re:Coded   Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:01 am

I really enjoyed the game a very HUGE step up from the original version you can tell they really tried with this remake. The post-game content is insane but i'd say the leveling up your stats to be more like Final Fantasy X/XIII's grids...
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom hearts Re:Coded   Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:30 am

Maskull wrote:
the game can chang the perspective
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom hearts Re:Coded   

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Kingdom hearts Re:Coded
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