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 Bionic commando first impressions

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PostSubject: Bionic commando first impressions   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:11 am

Keep in mind i bought this game for 3 pounds thats like $5

For the uninitiated, this is a remake of a nes game. You are a commando with a grapple hook arm. Its fairly badass. I haven't unlocked all the abilities yet but already i'm enjoying the swinging mechanic although he isn't all that fluid, you kinda get used to it. Graphics are decent the arm works well, the shooting mechanics are a bit crap, but i took this as the games way of making those more boring players have to use the arm.

Honestly liking this game is a bit 50/50, but you would be shocked at the reviews if you played it, its certainly not terrible, the checkpoint system may seem harsh to some people, but this is fairly typical of games, this games difficulty can seem a bit high at times though. I can't help but think the swinging mechanics could be done better but i do get the feeling they were trying to avoid a spider man clone.

I completely get why yahtzee trashed the fact that the radiation is awful. You have to keep in mind if it weren't for the radiation we'd either have arbitrary invisble walls which would be annoying or force to fight in corridors, so i excused the game for this.

The main reason i enjoy this game is the challenges. These unlock upgrades but force you to fight certain ways. The reason i like this is because it makes me experiment a lot more. I feel i utilise things a lot more now i.e. headshots at first seemed like effort but because there is a challenge despite what at first seemed like terrible gun mechanics pulling a headshot off from a distance on a moving target with the handgun isn't all that difficult. I never would have thought this system would have a benefit but it does and its kinda cool.

The fact you can buy this game for cheaper then a rental these days it may be worth checking out if you like fairly old school games. Just don't expect anything amazing.

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Bionic commando first impressions
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