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 New Young Justice League Cartoon

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PostSubject: New Young Justice League Cartoon   Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:02 pm

Last week, someone who runs a toy related blog put this up:

"WB has 3 NEW series on their slate, Mystery INC- the new Scooby show, Young Justice, and Bruce Timms CG Green Lantern for 4Q 2011. ALL for Cartoon Network, who originally passed on the new Thundercats. From what I saw, it's Martian Girl, Aqualad, Nightwing, Impulse, Arrowette, and Connor Kent. The poster gives me the tone that it's a cross between JLU and TT. I liked the look a lot. It's not quite Timm-style, but it's not All Murikami'd out like Teen Titans."

And now, voice actress Stephanie Lemelin claimed on her blog that she's been cast as Arrowette:

"Well, I am beyond thrilled to announce that I was recently cast in the new animated series, YOUNG JUSTICE LEAGUE, based on the famous (and awesome) DC Comics. I seriously could not be more excited about being welcomed into this amazing family… what a fantastic way to start the new year! I will be voicing the character of Arrowette (see ridiculously hot avatar below!!! um, could I love her anymore?) as well as several supporting cast members… Due to the extreme popularity of this series, however, that’s about all I can say… for now. So excited, this is really a dream come true for me, I have ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SATURDAY MORNING CARTOOON!!! Woohoo! "

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PostSubject: Re: New Young Justice League Cartoon   Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:41 am

JLU was good if this follows suit i'll check it out

i never watched teen titans

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New Young Justice League Cartoon
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